Thursday, October 29, 2009

Profile: Susan Garrington

Susan, although primarily self taught, has studied with many local artists and attended workshops given by various regional artists offered by The Gallery Painting Group, The Lambeth Art Association and The Brush and Palette Club. Susan has also attended courses in plein air painting at Southampton Art School and Killarney and courses offered by the University of Western Ontario Continuing Studies Department. She has served on the executive of both The Gallery Painting Group and the Brush and Palette Club. She is a member of The Central Ontario Art Association.

I work in primarily in watercolour. My goal is to express the spirit of the place I am painting and, while I am influenced by local colour, colours are changed, exaggerated or subdued in order to accomplish my goal. Light and shadow and the values they create are also used as vehicles to intensify my interpretation of the spirit of the place. Many of my paintings are done plein air, or are inspired by plein air sessions.

Painting provides me with an excuse to play outside all day, to travel with friends, to make new ones, and to share my love of nature with those who see my work.

Website: Susan Garrington
Blog: An Artist's Journey

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