Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Profile: Mary-Anne Watson

With a passion for sketching and a love for colour, London artist, Mary-Anne Watson, often finds herself with pen in hand, rendering an image onto a coloured backdrop.

In my travels, I carry a journal, pen and small watercolour set, capturing the sights and scenes and sometimes even a story onto it's pages, then , I create them onto greeting cards and paintings. I enjoy painting Plein Air and love being in touch with nature, but often, time is a luxury and I then I must refer to photographs back in my art room.

I find watercolours to be my exciting, rewarding niche. I anticipate that something fantastic can happen when you least expect it. I often begin a piece by dropping a few pleasing colours onto a wet sheet of watercolour paper, letting the paint and paper do their work. Once the paper is dry, I turn the page in different directions until I see an image emerging from the interesting shapes. This is where the fun begins. I reach for my pen and begin sketching.

Painting has always been a release for me. It allows me to turn off my analytical left brain and explore my creative side. I became interested in art at a very early age and although I consider myself as a self-taught artist, I have had the opportunity to take drawing, painting and colour theory workshops with a variety of instructors. I am currently a member of the Lambeth Art Association and enjoy getting together to paint and exchange artist tips with many of the talented members.

My greeting cards and paintings are predominantly watercolour but more recently, I have pursued painting still life with oils. I initially painted in oils many years ago, so coming back to it now has been like a reunion with an old friend. I like to explore many mediums, as they say, you never stop learning, "knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch"


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