Sunday, May 8, 2011

Profile: Gayle Slinger

Artist’s Statement

“The success of my artwork fully depends on my passion for what I am painting. When artists create from passion it always shows through in their work. It’s like looking into someone’s soul and when you connect to that work it reflects a part of your soul back to you.”


Though I started out working with watercolour, in the past few years I have made a shift to experimenting with regular and fluid acrylics and textured mediums. The shift in mediums and subjects from representational to semi-representational to abstract, has been a welcome departure allowing me to experience a full range of perception in my work.

I continue to be “wowed” by nature drawing inspiration from compositions, colours and values that I see. So not surprisingly, the advice I give out the most is, “Never leave home without your camera, sketchbook or pencils”.

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